Top Ten Blasting Projects Automotive, Marine, Industrial, & Residential

Top 10 Automotive Blasting and Paint Removal Projects:

  1. Automotive Chassis and Frames 
  2. Car Body Panels and Fenders 
  3. Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads
  4. Wheels and Rims
  5. Interior Components (Dashboard, Door Panels)
  6. Classic Car Restoration Projects
  7. Motorcycle Frames and Parts
  8. Antique Tractor Restoration
  9. Trailer Hitches and Tow Bars
  10. Automotive Engine Parts (Intake Manifolds, Valve Covers)

Top 10 Marine Blasting and Bottom Paint Removal Projects:

  1. Boat Hulls and Decks 
  2. Sailboat Keels and Rudders 
  3. Marine Propellers and Shafts
  4. Fiberglass Boat Surfaces and Gelcoat
  5. Aluminum Boat Frames and Railings
  6. Boat Trailers and Accessories
  7. Dock Pilings and Piers
  8. Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis, WaveRunners)
  9. Marine Engine Components
  10. Yacht and Ship Restoration Projects

Top 10 Industrial Blasting Projects:

  1. Steel Structures and Equipment 
  2. Industrial Machinery and Equipment Cleaning
  3. Pipeline and Tank Cleaning
  4. Manufacturing Equipment (Conveyors, Presses)
  5. Oil and Gas Equipment
  6. Industrial Plant Floors and Walls
  7. Manufacturing Facility Maintenance
  8. HVAC Systems and Ductwork
  9. Warehouse and Storage Facility Cleaning
  10. Metal Fabrication Equipment

Top 10 Residential Blasting Projects:

  1. Exterior House Surfaces (Brick, Wood, Vinyl) 
  2. Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks
  3. Wooden Deck and Fence Restoration
  4. Pool Decks and Patio Surfaces
  5. Garage Floors and Walls
  6. Garden Statues and Outdoor Furniture
  7. Brick and Stone Fireplaces
  8. Concrete Steps and Staircases
  9. Graffiti Removal from Exterior Walls
  10. Residential Roof Cleaning and Maintenance